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Pet Stain & Odour Carpet Shampoo Lemon Fragrance (1L)


  • LIKE NEW AGAIN! Pawbits Pet Stain and Odour Carpet Shampoo is designed to remove those stubborn stains and lingering Pet odours, leaving you with carpets that look and feel like new again.
  • NEUTRALISES LINGERING PET WASTE SMELLS: With Pawbits Carpet Shampoo, harmful odours are tackled at the source, breaking down bacteria and germs to reveal a soft, clean and fresh-smelling carpet. It’s a carpet deodoriser that targets strong, lingering odours such as Cat Urine or Dog waste.
  • RESOILING PREVENTION: Using Pawbits Pet Stain and Odour Carpet Shampoo also provides extra protection against future re-soiling, making it easier in the future should your pet leave you any little presents again
  • GENTLE AND SAFE: Our Carpet Shampoo is safe to use on carpets, including wool, and can be applied by hand as well as in any extraction machine, domestic or commercial. As soon as the area is dry, vacuum it, and your pets and family members can safely return to it
  • SUPER CONCENTRATED FORMULA: A little goes a long way Pawbits Pet Stain and Odour Carpet Shampoo comes in a one-litre super concentrated bottle. Simply dilute the mixture with 50ml of solution to 1L of warm water and get to work. This means that each bottle can make a whopping 20 litres of cleaning solution – cost-effective and efficient!

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