Everything you need to know about joint care for dogs

If you are a dog owner, then you are going to soon realise that they are active creatures. They love nothing more than being out in the fresh air, running and playing. Whilst this is great to see, all this activity can have an impact on their joints. So, it’s important to learn as much about joint care for dogs as early as possible.

As a dog ages it is common that they struggle with their mobility. If you make an effort to care for and understand how best to look after your dog’s joints now, then you can help them in their later life.

The common types of joint problems in dogs

If you have noticed that your dog is having an issue with their mobility, then you are going to want to find out why. One of the most common reasons that you may find that your dog is struggling with their mobility is degenerative joint disease.

This disease is progressive and during the early stages there are not many signs that you can pick up on. However, this can be noticed during routine checks with your vet and then treatment can begin. Another common issue is arthritis, which is not only painful but can get worse over time. This particular joint issue is much more common in larger breeds of dogs and is known to have a big impact on their quality of life.

There are other disorders which can have an impact on your dog’s joints. This includes obesity, mechanical trauma such as an injury whilst jumping, torn ligaments, chronic dislocating patella and hip dysplasia.

Can joint care supplements help your dog?

If you are concerned about your dog’s joints, then you may want to consider trying out joint supplements that you can give your dog. These come in a variety of forms and will contain a mixture of ingredients that are designed to help the joint fluid and cartilage to stay in the tip top condition. Not only this, but the ingredients are also, in the most part, antioxidants which will ensure that any damage caused by free radicals are kept to a minimum.

Is there anything else that you can do?

Whilst joint supplements and treatment for any disorders are going to help your dog if they are suffering from joint and mobility problems, you may wonder if there is anything else that you can do.

Some simple things that you can try is to make sure that their bedding is nice and comfortable and that it is placed away from any damp drafts that could be coming into your home. You should also try to help your dog if they are finding it hard to navigate steps, perhaps by investing in a ramp or making one for your back garden.

It may also be a good idea to try out muscle massages, which are available through certified massage therapists who can work with your dog to help with those aching joints.

As owners, it is our responsibility to take good care of our dogs, which means that we are on the look out for any problems and ready to treat them, improving their quality of life as much as we can.