About Us

Pawbits is the superior choice in pet supplement. Depending on your animal’s stage, behaviour or concern we offer natural nutritional solutions. Our range of premium quality supplements for healthier dogs and cats keep paws moving, tails wagging and tummy’s happy.

Throughout your dog or cat’s life their diet plays a decisive role in their health and overall wellbeing. Your pets daily diet must provide them with the energy they need to reach full growth but also maintain a healthy and happy life. Whatever your pet’s age, we understand that their quality of life is important to you. The combination of nutrients in our products help improve the quality of your pet’s body condition inside and out. Throughout your pets physiological stages and life events their diet must be adapted to support body and mind.

The needs of growing active puppies are different from those of adult dogs, while outdoor cats tend to be more active than indoor cats. Health issues, because of age or changing environments, can affect our precious paws at any time. Whether your pet is young and high spirited, or has begun to take life at a slower pace, our products are tailor made to deliver the nutritional support for your pet’s individual needs.